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"Shots in the Dark is like Super Metroid on steroids, with vibrant, cartoony graphics combined with a hedonistic style of gameplay and some highly skilled shooting mechanics." -- Warpzoned.com

"Shots In The Dark is packed with action. It does its job well and is nicely balanced" -- freeindiegames.org


Shots In The Dark is a vibrant 2D Shooter/Platformer about good, old-fashioned Greed and Hedonism.

Feed your lust for loot as you Jump-Roll and Backstab your way to a better, richer you! Parkour through 8 moody neon dungeons, plunder the locals, upgrade your character, and take down the bosses.

But Most Importantly: GET MORE LOOT THAN SCOTT.


  • 20+ Weapons, up to 9 equipped at a time!
  • Collect Loot from treasure chests and fallen enemies, Boost your Self-Confidence Meter, and Buy gameplay-changing SWAGGERS.
  • Enjoy the Original Soundtrack, with tons of Area and Boss music!
  • Light the world up with glowsticks, torches, flashlights, lanterns, and muzzle flashes.
  • Enemies have unique behaviors, weapons, and gear!

“Featuring over 20 weapons that you can use to shoot, fire, explode, destroy, maim, and obliterate hordes of enemies under the glow of some acid-trip techno glowsticks as you shake, rattle, and roll through the eight dungeons, the question is why would you not want to help this game succeed." — Warpzoned.com

Install instructions

Double-Click on the Application Icon, and follow the instructions given by the Installer. Setup should only take a few minutes, and if you want, the game will boot once the setup is complete.


Shots_In_The_Dark-v1.1.exe 85 MB